UC Small Grain Variety Selection Resources

UC variety testing program


Interactive websites:
  • Regionally-specified multi-year, multi-location trial summaries: Variety performance summaries based on most recent 3 years of trial data using statistical techniques that account for incomplete/unbalanced data across multi-season/multi-location trials. These multi-environment summaries are what we recommend using for making variety selection decisions.
  • User-specified data exploration tool: Simple statistical summaries of variety performance on a single trial basis across multiple years. These summaries allow more customized exploration of the data and allow users to examine genotype x environment patterns in the data.                               
Tabular results and figures:

Annual Statewide Testing Results: Results presented by year in tablular and graphical formats. Multi-year, regional summaries and single-year, site-specific summaries of relative productivity, quality, disease resistance and agronomic traits for California small grain varieties.

Stress Stability Summaries (Common Wheat & Triticale): Results from side-by-side trials where common wheat and triticale varieties were grown under fully watered and fertilized conditions alongside trials grown under conditions of terminal drought stress or nitrogen stress. These trials help to identify varieties that perform well under a wide range of management conditions.

Wheat Milling, Baking and Pasta QualitySummaries of milling, baking and dough qualities of common wheat and durum wheat varieties grown under a wide range of California agroecological conditions.


Organic small grain variety testing: Variety performance summaries of small grain varieties grown under organic management conditions.