General Production

Small Grain Production Manual

Complete Small Grain Production Manual

Pt 1: Importance of Small Grain Crops in California

Pt 2: Growth and Development of Small Grains

Pt 3: Seedbed Preparation, Sowing, and Residue Mgmt.

Pt 4: Fertilization

Pt 5: Irrigation and Water Relations

Pt 6: Pest Management -- Diseases

Pt 7: Pest Management -- Insects

Pt 8: Pest Management -- Vertebrates

Pt 9: Pest Management -- Weeds

Pt 10: Small Grain Forages

Pt 11: Small Grain Cover Crops

Pt 12: Small Grains in Crop Rotations

Pt 13: Harvesting and Storage

Pt 14: Troubleshooting Small Grain Production


Malting Barley Production


Go to malting barley production page

Growing malting barley in California has its own set of production considerations. Malting barley information is compiled in a malting barley page.


Decision Support Tools

The Nitrogen Fertilizer Management Tool for California Wheat (Beta)

The Nitrogen Fertilizer Management Tool for California Wheat (Beta) estimates grain yield and protein responses to in-season applications of N fertilizer. The tool combines site-specific weather and soil data with user-supplied, field-specific measurements & management information to produce real-time estimates of crop responses to added N fertilizer.



Soil Nitrate Quick Test Web-Tool

The Soil Nitrate Quick Test Web-Tool simplifies the process of interpreting a soil nitrate value so that users only have to select their location and input test results to receive an estimated lab soil nitrate value and an N fertilizer equivalent.


Seeding Rate Calculator

The University of California Small Grain Seeding Rate Calculator is a tool that helps determine seeding rates depending on the planting conditions and the average seed weights of different small grain varieties.


California Weather Web-Tool

The California Weather Web-Tool provides location- and time-specific weather information for sites in the state of California.